What Is Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting is the art and science of unlocking the incredible flavors inside each coffee bean.

There are two "golden rules" when is comes to roasting coffee. The first rule is to use high quality specialty grade coffee (learn more about specialty coffee here) and the second is to use a roasting method that can create consistent quality. This is why at BOLD Grounds Coffee Co. we have set the highest standards for our equipment as well as our green coffee purchasing and storage.

Here at BOLD Grounds Coffee Co. we use fluid bed or air-roasting equipment to roast all of our coffee. We roast with a deep passion and consider it an honor when we roast for our customers.  


The coffee industry standard way of roasting coffee has been drum-roasting for decades. We at BOLD Grounds believe that times change as does technology. In our early days of roasting we used a traditional drum roaster until we discovering air-roasted coffee... we fell in love at first sip. The amazing aroma was enough to grab our attention, but the richer, cleaner and smoother flavor that wasn’t bitter and was less acidic made us realize that we shouldn’t be roasting coffee any other way.

Air-roasting is the perfect blend of art and science. The science allows us to roast the exact same coffee with each batch. The art is the delicate process of testing different temperatures and times for a particular bean, finding the perfect “profile” that brings out the best in that bean.  


Air-roasting or fluid bed roasting was developed by Michael Sivetz. The process works using a powerful airstream that forces the beans to float while also removing dried skin or “husk” of the coffee bean which comes off during the roasting process, as well as any other dirt and debris that's mixed in with the raw coffee beans. This prevents these impurities from burning and affecting the flavor of the beans.

Since the air roaster reaches higher temperatures in less time than a typical drum-roaster, the time for acidic compounds to form is greatly reduced resulting in a less acidic cup of coffee. Ultimately air-roasting preserves the original flavor of the coffee bean, while unlocking the best characteristics hidden inside the bean. Air-roasting keeps your coffee’s flavor fresh, clean and consistent, guaranteeing you a delightful cup of coffee everyday of the week.