BOLD Grounds Coffee Co.

Fresh coffee is never bitter. With The Fresh Roasted Club, your coffee ships freshly roasted. Unlike coffee that sits on shelves, ours arrives rich with flavor, bursting with unique tastes like chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry. Freshness matters, and we’ll prove it.

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Each batch is masterfully roasted to explore and highlight flavors unique to each region. Our mission is to discover the diverse tasting notes exclusive to the region where our coffee is farmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s nothing worse than getting your water boiling for a nice cup of coffee than realizing that you forgot to go to the store for coffee. That never happens to our Members. We keep them stocked up on freshlt roasted coffee. Plus, unlike the store, we don’t lock our freshest coffee in the back stock room and wait for the old stuff to sell off the shelf, we roast when you order so you never have to deal with old/stail coffee again. Also our prices are way better.

Is this a trick question? No. It's f**king great. We’ve got tons Members who drink (and love) love our coffee daily.

Don't drink a ton each month? Not a problem. You can get fresh coffee delivered every other week, every month or every other month.

You order, we roast and you enjoy. We only roast after you order this is one of the best things about a coffee subscription – your coffee is going to consistently be fresher than what you’ll get at the grocery store.

The only ingredient in our coffee is coffee.

We offer a 12oz bag.

Simply select subscribe at checkout and you'll be a member. Cancel anytime without hassle or needing to play 20 questions.

All you have to do is log in at here and select which roast you'd like for you next delivery, you can select a new one each month if you'd like!


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