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How it began...

“Man... You know, we should learn how to roast coffee so we don't have to drink crappy coffee everyday"

That's when a little light went off in our Founder's head and he began the journey of roasting great coffee. It was that little statement that would set him on a mission to deliver great tasting coffee to peoples homes, restaurants and coffee shops. 

Our Story

It all started at 4 o'clock one morning. You see he worked his entire life as a restaurant manager which demanded early mornings, late nights and LONG shifts.

It was early one morning when him and the rest of the managers were showing up to do their weekly inventory. The first thing the group would always do was brew a pot of coffee, the second... complain about how bad it was. And then someone said the fateful words. 

“Man... You know, we should learn how to roast coffee so we don't have to drink crappy coffee everyday"

That night he ordered a little counter-top coffee roaster that he setup in his garage in the dead of winter. He spent the next few months learning the delicate process and realized that there was WAY more to roasting great coffee then he ever realized.

Fast-forward a couple of years, countless hours, sleepless nights and TONS of burnt beans later and he had the steps down to roasting. Along the way he also discovered a non-traditional roasting process using what is called a fluid bed roaster. After comparing the beans roasted in both a traditional roaster and a fluid bed roaster it was clear that the fluid bed roaster roasted a purer, smoother, more flavorful and balanced cup of coffee that was less bitter and less acidic and BOLD Grounds Coffee Co. was born. 

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Our mission

Motivate people to have a great day by starting their day with great coffee. 

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Find The Best Coffee You Can Brew.

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