Our Roasting Process

Our roasting process starts with selecting only the highest quality fair trade green coffee beans form sustainable sources. We then discover the perfect roast level for each of our origins to ensure that our customers are able to discover everything their coffee has to offer. We never blend any of our beans meaning we do not mix low quality cheap beans with a little bit of high quality beans to cut corners and increase profits. Our belief is that by sourcing only high quality single origin beans we will provide a higher quality roast for our fans.

We only roast to order so when you order from BOLD Grounds Coffee Co. we fire up our roaster just for you. Unlike everyone else who will roast up a big batch and split it up between a bunch of people you can guarantee that when we roast it is only your beans we are roasting. 

Once the beans reach the perfect roast level we flash cool them to lock in the flavors & sugars in order to get you the highest quality that we promise. After the beans are cooled we bag, seal & ship them for your ultimate enjoyment!

Our process takes a lot more work then the other guys but we believe in the old saying "Anything worth doing is worth doing right" 

We're proud to say that we will work hard just for you!